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We’re looking for best DJ in the Hudson Valley!

Best DJ Contest

Do you have a favorite DJ? Is there someone that always seems to know what kind of music you want to hear? Someone that keeps you on the dance floor until you’re dripping with sweat? We want to know!

Here is some criteria that we came up with to help narrow down your choice:

  • How they engage the crowd?
  • Are they good at beat mixing or beat matching?
  • Have they produced their own music or mixes?
  • If this DJ changed venues, would you follow them?
  • Is he/she attentive to their audience?
  • What is their signature style?
  • Does your DJ keep up with industry trends?
  • What makes you like “your DJ”?

If you feel your favorite DJ has what it takes to be the BEST DJ in the Hudson Valley, fill out the form below. The DJ with the most entries will get a featured interview on our site as a THANKS for keeping the dance floor moving! Limit one entry per person. Complete contest rules.

Sorry, voting closed on 11/30/14. View the results and winner!