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Mayhem at Mahoney’s

We’ve all been there – your night’s just starting, you’re hanging out, you’re not too smashed, you’re having a chat, a laugh, whatever. Then you and your friends finally get to a club that makes you think to yourself “damn, this place is HOT.” Well, this is what happened to my gang and me as we hit up Mahoney’s Irish Pub & Steakhouse in Poughkeepsie last Saturday.

Mahoney's 10/11/14

We quickly discovered that Marist Alumni Weekend was in full swing and Mahoney’s was no exception. We had stopped at a couple bars before we hit Mahoney’s and none of them were as hot is this!

Once we got in, it was packed. Walking space was at an all time low and the ladies outnumbered the guys by about 5 to 1, not to mention the music reverberated through my chest as first walked past the bouncer. All traits of a crazy night at the club if you ask me!

I was half expecting to see people grinding out on the dance floor to Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj, but that wasn’t the case this night! Don’t get me wrong, there was still plenty of “bump and grind” action going on, but the live band had the crowd dancing to the tunes of Taylor Swift and Matchbox Twenty instead. I thought it was a pretty interesting change-up from the typical club scene music, but there were some hostile looks and occasional boo’s from the crowd. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop anyone from dancing their hearts out including me and my gang.

The $3 PBR’s (Pabst Blue Ribbon) were a big hit, but it’s not fall without my personal favorite, Angry Balls! All sexual innuendos aside – for those who haven’t tried Angry Balls, you’re missing out. It’s a mix of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple and a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. Having one is bound to get you more-than-buzzed and it’s the perfect way to welcome in the fall season.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but let’s be honest — the real reason you’re resting is because of how hard you partied the night before. Saturdays at Mahoney’s never disappoint. There’s always something going on at the local Poughkeepsie favorite.

Stay tuned for more of my wild adventures at clubs and bars all around the Hudson Valley!

Alan Fanitzi
Independent Blogger
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