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Chilling at the Brewery!

This is what you should expect when visiting Hyde Park Brewing Company: a mixed atmosphere, live music, and great brews. I’ve been going to this place since I turned 21 and, I have to say, every time I go, at least one of those three things make my night worthwhile. I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for local breweries.

Sitting down at the bar and throwing down a pint of their very own craft beer is a pretty authentic experience thanks to their brewing equipment being intermingled into the environment around you. I’m not kidding; the equipment they use to make their craft beer is incorporated everywhere giving the brewery a unique ambiance.

Right as you walk in you will see a huge kettle enclosed in its own space on the right side of the building. Once you make your way to the bar and look up, you will notice huge fermenting vats directly above it. This alone is enough to make any brewery fan love this place!

Hyde Park Brewing Company

I was in the mood for a dark beer, so I went with their Mary P’s Porter. It’s a dark brown beer that has a lot going on. It’s a smooth brew with a touch of chocolate added in. It’s a great beer that’s full of flavor.

Here’s a tip you should keep in the back of your mind. If you go when there’s live music, expect to have your lips pretty close to the bartender’s ear so you don’t have to repeat yourself five times like I did. Trust me, it’s going to make ordering a drink much easier.

I’m all for live music — it brings the audience to life and sets a positive vibe throughout the location. It’s a big part of what nightlife is all about! On the other hand, it makes communicating with other people hard to do. It’s a small price to pay when you’re out there exploring all the nightlife opportunities of the Hudson Valley!

As the night went on more people started piling in and the place started to get packed. Soon I was rubbing elbows with guys my grandpa’s age and bumping into peeps my age trying to grab a drink. This is what I mean by a “mixed atmosphere,” and that’s what I love most about the Hyde Park Brewing Company. It’s not like a “nightclub” where it’s strictly young adults and it’s not like a “townie bar” where older folks go to relax and enjoy a beer. It brings together the best of both, and everything in between for a truly unique experience.

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