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A Night at Kas’s!

It’s getting cold outside, there’s no denying that. So here’s a tip: put a cold-weather contingency plan in place that includes taking refuge at a local bar. There’s a new place in Brewster called Kas’s Bar & Restaurant or Kas’s for short. It’s a great little spot to hang out, enjoy some wings and warm up with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Since we’re on the topic of warming up … for me, nothing warms me up faster than a shot of whiskey — Fireball Whiskey! That strong cinnamon spice hits you right when the shot’s taken. On the way down it spreads like wild fire and warms you right up. It can be harsh, but I’m a big fan of cinnamon so I love this whiskey infusion!

From the outside, Kas’s looks like a typical plaza bar. On the inside, a relaxing and laid back environment greets you. It’s almost like a cross between a bar and a coffee shop. The first thing I noticed was the ascetic of the place, especially the bar. It was a flat black color and it rested against a dark red wall providing some good color contrast.

Kas Bar and Restaurant

Here’s a twist — the wall on the right was basically one huge portrait of the New York City skyline at night. Nothing beats having a cocktail and enjoying a breathtaking view of the city — except maybe the real thing, but the owners of Kas’s definitely have the right idea.

Speaking of the owners, they were very friendly. Not just to me, but to all of the people that came out that night. I had some cool conversations with one of them and we became friends over some rounds of Hennessy. I’ve seen owners come out and mingle with the crowd before, but not like this. This guy was enjoying the night as much as his customers were. It’s safe to say he was having a blast and making money at the same time! That’s definitely one upside to owning an establishment that’s on the smaller side.

I’ve been to places so big that, even when it’s packed, it gives off the illusion its not. I’ve also partied at places so small that, when it starts to get packed, intimacy with employees and your neighbor’s elbows is pretty much inevitable.

I didn’t get that vibe here. The place was packed, but I didn’t feel cramped or claustrophobic at all. It was definitely not the biggest place I’ve been to, but the size seemed to work for the place.

Kas’s is a great place to pregame, enjoy some excellent bar food or party the night away. As long as my experience wasn’t a case of “beginners luck,” I can see this place becoming a popular nightlife spot in no time.

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Alan Fanitzi
Independent Blogger
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