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Craziness at Club Thirty 3!

It’s a new year and I’m kicking off 2015 by bringing you my after party experience at one of the latest reincarnations of an old Poughkeepsie favorite. I’m talking about Thirty 3 Nightclub & Ultra Lounge!

Now before we go in-depth about this place, let me explain the differences between a traditional nightclub and an Ultra Lounge. Many people will tell you that they’re the same thing because they both require you to dress to impress, pay a cover, buy cocktails; that kind of stuff. This is where I spot a lie and call bullshit.

Nightclubs, from my experience, focus on dancing. We drink, we grind, we sweat, we get more drinks, and we grind some more. In a nutshell, people that head out to the club are there to get loud and crazy on that over sized chunk of wood called a dance floor.

Ultra Lounges are different: they may have a similar design to clubs in terms of looks, lighting, and music, but the atmosphere is much more laid back. Often you will see people dancing, but there’s no designated spot for it. The focus in Ultra Lounges is — you guessed it — to lounge! In fact, it’s not uncommon to walk in and see most people just chilling at a booth, relaxing with a cocktail.

I’ve been exploring nightlife in the Hudson Valley for a while now and the building at 33 Academy St, Poughkeepsie has housed many hotspots in the past. From Matrix, to Intrigue, then Zonix, this place has a history of being one of Po-Town’s hottest places to party the night away!

Its latest reincarnation is Thirty 3 Nightclub & Ultra Lounge. I like to call it Thirty 3 for short. This was the first time I’ve been to this place since its been remodeled so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Once I walked into the venue and paid the cover, I was greeted with a modern, sleek and sexy theme. The bar was shaped like an octagon with blue lights shimmering from the bottom. The left wall was lined with a long row of lush sofas and low tables for lounging. The dramatic lighting effects of the LED lights and lasers made the club “pop” and they seemed to be in sync with the music that was pulsating through the entire club.

In the center of it all is their dance floor. It’s a big one too; some would call it over sized. It’s a beautiful thing, especially the dance poles on all four corners! Walk a little further towards the back and you will notice the dance floor turns into a stylish VIP area with plush furniture and plenty of room to walk around. The DJ can be spotted spinning away in his own room that oversees the dance floor from above.


Once 12:30 a.m. rolled around, the place was booming! It was shoulder to shoulder and it seemed like the club was going to implode. Even when we left there was still a huge line of people waiting to get in.

We went on a Saturday and, in my opinion, that’s the best night to go. Overall Thirty 3 does an excellent job of having all the aspects of a classy Ultra Lounge, but with that huge dance floor, sleek bar, and elevated DJ booth; being a dance club is where this place really shines.

Have you been to Club 33 yet? If so we want to hear all about it! Be sure to comment below!

Alan Fanitzi
Independent Blogger
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