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Dancing in the Shadows

Nightlife can take many forms, but for Hudson Valley residents and visitors looking to let loose, nothing quite does the job like a night of dancing, drinking, and a great location!

I’ve been holding out on reviewing Shadows on the Hudson until I knew I had two things in order. Number one: at least five hot girls to bring along with me in addition to my normal party crew. Number two, and perhaps the most important: a DD (Designated Driver). Once I had these two very important things in order, it was time to party the night away.

Build on the top of a 40-foot cliff on the waterfront, Shadows has a reputation for being one of Poughkeepsie’s hottest nightlife locations. With the cold weather we were restricted to the inside, but once the warmer weather rolls around, things change. In April their outdoor bar opens up allowing partiers to do their “thang” while enjoying the exclusive scenery of the Hudson River and the Mid-Hudson Bridge. I can’t wait to come back and do another Al’s Afterparty review when the weather gets warmer!

With that being said, it was more than warm Saturday night; it was blazing hot! The venue’s strict dress code had everyone looking classy, as if they were at a GQ photo shoot. The environment was dim and their high-tech lighting system had lasers slicing through the sleek, ultramodern establishment like something out of Star Wars. Across the venue, DJ Parag could be spotted spinning out sound waves loud enough to make your chest rattle. Over at their stylish cosmopolitan cocktail bar, they have a huge 14-foot high-definition video wall that adds even more swag to the location.

I was a little disappointed that they don’t serve Angry Orchard, but they did have a local alternative called Naked Flock Cider. This gluten-free drink is packed with sweetness and when mixed with Fireball, it becomes a smooth, flavorful local alternative to Angry Balls (Angry Orchard with a shot of Fireball Whiskey). I guess you could call this drink Naked Balls! I paid about $28 for 2 Naked Balls; one for me and another for a lady friend I had just met. It was pricey, but hey — I’m a sucker when it comes to local goods, especially alcoholic drinks.

Shadows on the Hudson

In my mind, what makes Shadows great is that they have characteristics of both a classy ultra lounge and a booming nightclub. Their dance area is about as big as Union Tavern’s, if not a little bigger, and the DJ booth was not far from the action. Surrounding the floor was pure open space for people just to chill and socialize. I can’t remember how many times I wanted to go dance, but got distracted by someone I knew and socialized with them instead.

So here’s the verdict: If you’re over 21 and don’t mind dressing classy, I highly recommend hitting up Shadows. It’s simply just one of those things you need to do if you enjoy nightlife in the Hudson Valley. OK, drinks may be on the pricey side but hey; they rarely have a cover!

Hudson Valley Nightlife gives Shadows on the Hudson a 4.5 out of 5!

Alan Fanitzi
Independent Blogger
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