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Feeling the VIBE!

It’s been a while — three months to be exact — but I’m back. Once again, I will be traveling to different spots around the valley and reporting back!

In an attempt to revitalize art in Newburgh, Will Teran turned his unique art studio, known as Teran Studio, into a music & mass art exhibit featuring work by over 20 NY artists. The event is known as VIBE and it’s held once a year.

From the outside, Teran Studio looks like your typical square building. One you walk through the doors and up a steep flight of stairs you’re greeted by an open space, complete with hardwood floors.

The mini-bar was serving up drinks; people were socializing, having a great time and admiring great artwork from local artists.

It was amazing for the first hour, but once the after party started, things started to get wild, in a good way. Once 9pm rolled around, the lights went out, the DJ started playing, and the upper-level art studio gained a rave-like atmosphere. There was even a glowing web in the center of the studio. Oh, I forgot to mention there were dancers as well. Dancers always make things better!

Photo 1

Within the hour, people were dancing socializing and drinking the night away. Now that I think about it, I did see anyone around that didn’t have some part of his or her body covered with black light paint.

Here is the verdict: VIBE was a blast! Too bad it’s only held once a year!!

So since I’m back, I want to hear what you all think? Do you have a place I should visit? Let me know in the comments below!

Alan Fanitzi
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