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A Night at Darby’s

There’s really not that much to dislike about Darby O’Gills. It’s your typical sports bar/restaurant during the day, and when the sun falls, Darby’s serves as quite the party spot for both locals and out-of-town college kids.

I have to admit their wings are out of this world. They serve 19 flavors and on Monday nights they’re only 50 cents each! Not to mention they’re one of the few bars in the Poughkeepsie area that still has a pool table. I never understood why pool tables around the area keep disappearing, but I’m glad to see that Darby’s has one.

Anyway, Friday nights at Darby’s are crazy! At 10pm, people start pouring in this place! There’s not a Friday night that goes by where I don’t drive by and see a 25 ft line of people wanting to get in — even in the dead of winter. Depending on the night, you may get charged a cover, so be prepared. Also, depending on the night, it’s 18 to party and 21 to drink, but I would call to double check. On the flip side they don’t close down until 3am for all those hardcore party people.

Once you make it past the line, you’ll notice a large rectangular room. The bar’s on the right, some tables in the middle and booths on the left. In-between everything are partiers doing their thing -– talking, dancing, grinding, drinking, whatever — all under a dimly lit environment.

Walk through the archway to the newly-renovated left side you pretty much see the same deal. There’s another bar and some tables setup, and more people having a good time. Most Fridays there’s a DJ spinning out tunes loud enough to made your chest rattle.

Friday nights at Darby’s never disappoint; it’s always packed with people. I gotta warn you though — it can get pretty tight in there. Getting to one place to another can be tough so be prepared to give your shoulders some extra power to help navigate you through the large crowd.

Overall Darby’s in Hyde Park has been a nightlife hot spot for years. It’s a good place to go after work for beer/wings and it’s a great spot to party when the sun goes down. Especially on Fridays.

Alan Fanitzi
Independent Blogger
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