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Nightlife News

DC Indoor Golf Open House

DC Indoor Golf has teamed up with Casperkill Golf Club to host an open house on December 16th from 11am to 2-pm. Visitors who attend the Open House will be invited to take a tour of the indoor golf center and the pub area.

Interview with DJ Kaos

We had an opportunity to share lunch with DJ Kaos, winner of the HVN Best DJ Contest. Kaos, who is better known as Michael Mirabella, was both excited and humbled by the contest results. Here’s what he had to say.

Blue Collar Brew!

It’s no secret that the Hudson Valley loves its beer, so when a friend told me about Blue Collar Brewery in Poughkeepsie, I couldn’t resist getting a few buddies together to see what this place was all about.

Best DJ contest results

With over 500 total votes cast for over 50 different DJs in the region, here are the results for the top three best DJs in the Hudson Valley!

A Night at Kas’s!

It’s getting cold outside, there’s no denying that. So here’s a tip: put a cold-weather contingency plan in place that includes taking refuge at a local bar. There’s a new place in Brewster called Kas’s Bar & Restaurant. It’s a great little spot to hang out, enjoy some wings and warm up with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Chilling at the Brewery!

Right as you walk into Hyde Park Brewing Company, you will see a huge kettle enclosed in its own space on the right side of the building. Once you make your way to the bar and look up, you will notice huge fermenting vats directly above it. This alone is enough to make any brewery fan love this place!

Mystery at Mansion

I quickly came to the realization that all gentlemen’s clubs are not created equal. Mansion is classy, very classy; it’s like being in the VIP lounge of one of Manhattan’s hottest nightclubs.

Bash at the Boo Ball!

When I first walked in the doors and the artificial fog cleared, it revealed an extensively transformed Mid-Hudson Civic Center! The people over at Pure Terror Scream Park created a dark and spooky atmosphere that provided just enough light to expose some of the hottest, and most hellish, Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.

Mayhem at Mahoney’s

We’ve all been there – your night’s just starting, you’re hanging out, you’re not too smashed, you’re having a chat, a laugh, whatever. Then you and your friends finally get to a club that makes you think to yourself “damn, this place is HOT.”

We’re looking for best DJ in the Hudson Valley!

Do you have a favorite DJ? Is there someone that always seems to know what kind of music you want to hear? Someone that keeps you on the dance floor until you’re dripping with sweat? We want to hear from you!